SOLUMAX Tube Skylights, Laundry Room, Game Room, Natural Light

What is a Tube Skylight?

POWER of the SUN

A Tube Skylight helps reflect natural light to the inside and provides a green alternative to electric lighting.  

This concept dates back to Ancient Egyptian architecture and was first patented in London by Paul Emile Chappuis in the 1850s. Later in 1986, it was re-discovered in Australia and is now marketed for widespread residential and commercial applications worldwide.


 ▪ DOME ASSEMBLY - installed on roof, on top of flashing, allows natural light to enter the tube. Secondary dome improves light distribution by avoiding hot spots within the tube.

 ▪ FLASHING - sturdy, aluminum base, installed and sealed on top of roof.

 ▪ TUBE - aluminum, reflective tubes run from roof to ceiling. These help re-direct natural light into the desired dark area.

 ▪ CEILING ASSEMBLY - dual prismatic diffuser and white trim rings help keep the heat out while providing an elegant design.

Tube Skylights are amazing! 

At least that is the face our customers show when they see the results. Tube Skylights require very LOW MAINTENANCE and use an UNLIMITED RESOURCE - our SUN. Even on an overcast day, natural light can improve any living & working environment.

5 Diameters to Choose:

7", 10", 14" for Residential Applications

21", 28" for Commercial Applications

>> A size for every room <<

Tube Skylight Add-Ons:

 ▪  LED Light Kit for night use

 ▪  Bath Vent - for 10" size only

 ▪  Dimmers in Manual/Electric/Remote controlled configurations

Tube Skylights are also known as 

solar tubes, light tubes, sun tunnels, tubular skylights, daylight pipes, sun scopes & tubular daylight devices.  

Watch > Tube Skylight Reflective Elbows Formed

A room is not a room without natural light. ~ L. Khoan

Benefits of Natural Light

21" SOLUMAX Tube Skylight installed in Stairwell illuminating top Loft & bottom Hallway


Research has shown that exposure to sunlight can boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure, and even increase happiness. Have you ever seen someone sad at the beach? Very rarely! Our bodies need natural light to stay healthy and keep a positive attitude. Tube Skylights create a more comfortable environment to live in.

Watch > What Natural Light Does to your Body


Employees and students working under natural light recorded higher levels of energy and focus than those constantly working under artificial lighting. Tube Skylights help make the workplace more pleasant to work in.

Natural Light Improves Workplace Performance

Energy Efficiency

Solar energy is an unlimited resource and, unlike electric energy, does not produce harmful emissions - so the source for your Tube Skylight will never run out. 

Using natural daylight also reduces the demand for unsustainable power that is currently challenging the health of our world’s environment.

Watch > Benefits of Solar Energy

Save Money

You eliminate daytime use of electric lights by using natural light instead. SOLUMAX Tube Skylights are affordable and durable - our extensive manufacturing background has shown us the importance of producing high quality, green, and sustainable products in building today’s energy efficient homes.

Home & Building Value

Most of us are looking for homes & buildings with a lot of natural light. Tube skylights help balance the light in rooms by reducing glare and transforming living areas into bigger and more open spaces. Transform your spaces with a Tube Skylight and prove the difference for yourself.

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10" SOLUMAX Tube Skylight in Personal Office


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