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Are you an inventor, product designer, part developer, engineer, or small business owner looking for a metal forming process? Our focus on lean manufacturing helps reduce production costs without compromising part quality or performance.


Let us collaborate! Use our manufacturing expertise and consult with us about how we can help you through the product development process: from prototype design to production, single- or thousand-quantity runs. Our drive to excellence keeps our workmanship and service consistent, so we can always deliver exceptional manufactured products.

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SOLUMAX Metal Spinning >
Flat aluminum circle, metal spun into a Power Intake Tube

SOLUMAX Metal Spinning > Flat aluminum circle, metal spun into a Power Intake Tube

Quality in Custom Manufacturing

What is Metal Spinning?

Aluminum flashing - 10" - SOLUMAX Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning started with the passion of forming metal into different round shapes.

- Now a lost ART - 

Metal spinning involves spinning a flat, 

metal circle, at a high speed and with rolling tools, slowly pushing and forming it over a die mold.​

A metal spinning of steel is sturdier and more rigid than a stamped metal sheet of steel of the same thickness.  Small fact that can make a significant difference in production costs and part quality.

Check our Manufacturing Videos for more of our metal forming processes.

WATCH > 48" Aluminum Dome

Tube Skylights

Tube Skylight - laundry room, natural light - SOLUMAX

Complete Manufactured Product

Does your home or office suffer from

Dark Room problems?

The Sun lights up our planet for FREE every day. Invest in the Power of the Sun 

and brighten up rooms with Natural Light. 

Tube Skylights help garnish 

solar energy for more 

comfortable and brighter indoors.

5 round sizes to choose from:

7", 10", 14" : Residential

21", 28" : Commercial

Why Natural Light?

Committed to Excellence

Custom manufacturing - Lou Estrada, engine lathe - SOLUMAX Manufacturing

In order to create and customize diverse metal products to better suit our customers, we have the ability to build our own spin & stamping molds.

SOLUMAX Tube Skylights are manufactured in our metal shop, from raw, flat materials to a complete multi-component product, packaged and ready to ship as DIY Kits.


Committed to meeting all challenges by providing a learning environment, continually improving our metal forming techniques, and striving to be our best in the industries we serve. 

We look forward to providing you with first-rate service!

WATCH > Owner Metal Spinning

Don't Take Our Word For It : Customer Reviews

Nextdoor Recommendation:

"I highly recommend Solumax. I had three skylights installed and am really pleased with their work. They are professional and polite. High quality all around. Solumax is simply the best!"

~ Nelson R.

J&N Flooring, Inc.

Facebook 5 Star Rating:

" Highly skilled machinist. Great people to work with. Highly recomend. "

~ Daniel R.

Solar Blaster LLC

LinkedIn Shared Post:

"Great metal spinner and metal forming.  Great company to work with."

~ Chas B.


Nextdoor Recommendation:

"I used Solumax to manufacture some stainless steel products for me. This is a company that thinks through things, takes your real interest into account, and does it right. And the price was reasonable too.  

I highly recommend Solumax for metal products and solar skylights." 

~ Sandra E.

ChuggaDog products

Instagram Follower Post:

"Exciting day! About 6 months ago I saw a few videos of a lesser known trade called #metalspinning and it looked fascinating.
I started chatting with a few people over Instagram and asking questions. One of the nicest companies I've had the pleasure of dealing with helped set me up with some tools and starting metal circles.
@solumaxmfg You guys are the best.
Now to make the tool rest and turn the first form!"

~ Eddie Phillips

Eddie Phillips

Nextdoor Recommendation:

"Solumax is the BEST! I had 2 skylights installed and we were overwhelmingly pleased with their quality of work and professionalism! Plus they are reasonably priced which was an added bonus! I HIGHLY recommend them!"

~ Ruthie T.

KaiKane Landscapes

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